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Bell’s – Two Hearted Ale

Bell’s – Two Hearted Ale

Que mejor manera que empezar la semana con esta maravilla? Two Hearted Ale de Bell’s Brewery Inc. La tenemos en botella! Reza para que no se acabe antes de que vengas, es un birrote!


Hello fellow beer drinkers!

This will be one of the main features of A Man’s Blog, the Beer Review.  We will take a close look at each beer and try to determine what is good or bad about each one. In return, I would love to hear what your thoughts are!

Bell’s Two Hearted Ale. If you are from Michigan, as I am, you should be well aware of the mystique that this particular beer carries with it. Bell’s, in Kalamazoo, has been brewing this beer for many years now. It is easily one of their most recognizable brands and possible one of the most famous beers in the country.

For me, this is an easy beer to review. It is flat-out my favorite beer and an absolute “go-to” when ever I am not sure what I want. This is the beer that started me on the path of craft beer craziness.

Let’s break this beer down:


This American Pale Ale checks in at 7.0% ABV and OG of 1.064


Two Hearted will pour a beautiful bright orange color with a pure white head that will stick around for the duration of your pint.


Every pour of Two Hearted releases that beautiful full centennial hop aroma that hits you right in the face. It’s not over the top like a lot of IPA’s but just enough to let you know what you are getting into.


Just enough coating of the mouth with a small amount of bitterness on the back-end.


It’s an APA, you are going to get a lot of nice citrus/fruity hop characteristics from the centennial. I think there is plenty of malt flavor to stand up to the hops but not so much as to take away from what the beer truly is.

Overall Impression:

(See above)….obviously, I love this beer. This is why I chose it to be the first beer I review. To me this is what every IPA that I drink gets compared to.  I’ve had some great IPA’s from all across the country but I still have yet to find one that is at the level of Two Hearted. It is the perfect entry-level IPA and a great beer for seasoned drinkers alike.

My Untappd score: 5 Pints

If you’ve got a few minutes check out this great video with Larry Bell talking about Two Hearted:



Dogfish Head / 90-Minute IPA

Dogfish Head / 90-Minute IPA

Hoy os traemos algo bastante exclusivo, 90-Minute IPA de Dogfish Head. La tenemos fresquita en botella. Corre, no te quedes sin ella!


According to Sam Calagione, Dogfish Head’s 90-minute IPA is the brewery’s first continually-hopped beer. Also, it’s the best-selling Imperial IPA in the country “nay … the world.” It takes over a month to make, and Dogfish uses their “Me So Hoppy” dry-hopping system during conditioning. I’ve always loved Dogfish craft beer, and was excited about trying this 90-minute IPA, which was pretty much the grandfather of all their other continuously-hopped beers: 60-minute, 120-minute, and even a 75-minute version.Taylor:  Over the last month or so I have developed quite a smattering of random beers in my fridge, most of which were picked up out of state (Vermont and Missouri, specifically). Before getting through tasting and reviewing all these interesting brews, I wanted to enjoy something more familiar. Luckily, there was a single bottle of Dogfish Head 90-minute IPA in the back. Yes.

Poured into a classic Dogfish pint glass, this beer was a nice reddish-brown and developed an excellent off-white head thick with tiny bubbles. Calagione’s note that one achievement of this beer is its “pungent hop flavor” and aroma … extremely citrusy and a little piney but not overpoweringly so due to the malt backbone. The nose of this 90-minute was full of wonderful citrus aromas, as well as some nice malty sweetness. I immediately knew this was going to be deep in flavor and finish.

I was right. The continuous hopping process and malt balance make this beer a taste explosion. Dogfish have walked the line between “bitter” and “pungent” with not-so-surprising ease here. All those hops will rock your palate, but the malts will bring you back to reality. Surprise! One sip is almost like taking a sip of two different beers back to back: big hoppy front, and malty finish. ABV is 9.0% … this isn’t one to just knock back. It’s more of a sipper in my opinion.

Either way, if you enjoy IPAs, this is a must-try not only for its historical significance, but of course for its solid taste. Once again, there’s really nothing negative I can say about the 90-minute IPA. It achieves what it sets out to achieve. It’s got integrity.  Grade: A

Tom:  I prefer this beer over 60-Minute for a few reasons.  1)  With a longer boil comes with it more hops.  2)  I feel the higher abv gives it some strength, muscle and body.  3)  The malt profile carries a deep fig, apricot, plum quality.  However, based on the darker malts used, this is not my go-to imperial/double IPA.  While I do find the sweeter caramel notes to be welcomed in this beer, I prefer the use of lighter malts.  Regardless of how I feel about my IPAs, this beer is quality time over.  The color alone gave me cause to sit back and just take it in.  The nice Bourbon color beer delivers a smack of pungent and resinous hops on top of a rather boozy quality.  A moderate carbonation helps to lift the multifaceted hop profile and caramel sugars off the palate.  Herbal, dank, and floral comprised the hops.  This is definitely not as citrus as 60-minute.  The finish is dry (I would argue more so than 60) due to the higher abv.  However, a sweeter aftertaste that only has a touch of biscuit malt.  A very solid beer.  Grade: B+