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CRAFT BEER: Hoy vuelve un clásico, LAGUNITAS IPA en barril

CRAFT BEER: Hoy vuelve un clásico, LAGUNITAS IPA en barril

En Pez Tortilla no solo nos molan las cervezas modernas, apostamos también por grandes clásicos como la gran Lagunitas IPA. Podrás disfrutarla fresquita en nuestro Pez Tortilla de la calle Pez, 36. Os Esperamos!!

Aquí una review de unos amigos:

Lagunitas IPA Review

Beer Review: Lagunitas IPA

Lagunitas American Indian Pale Ale 6.2% abv.

This is the real thing, a genuine, full flavoured American IPA brewed in California.

The heavily hopped, US style Pale Ales are now brewed by virtually every craft brewery in the US, Britain and Europe. If you go into any bottle shop or big supermarket you will be confronted by rows and rows of “US style” IPAs. This style of beer originated in the USA with Sierra Nevada brewing the first American Pale Ale way back in 1980. What makes them unique is the use of West coast hops which impart a citrus/tropical fruit flavour to beer.

India Pale Ales originated in the UK in the early 19th Century and were exported to India. They were strong and heavily hopped to help preserve the beer on the long journey to India. US brewers sought inspiration from traditional British beers and the American IPA is now a major international style of beer in its own right.

Lagunitas pours a dark gold/amber colour and has a citrus and tropical fruit aroma. The taste is a pleasant mix of grapefruit and tropical fruit flavours. According to the Lagunitas website the beer is made with 43 different types of hops and 65 types of malt. This is a great easy drinking beer which would go down a treat on a summer’s day and will go well with spicy food.

Lagunitas Brewery was founded in the town of Lagunitas in 1993 but moved to larger premises in Petaluma, California in 1994. It is now 50% owned by the Dutch brewers, Heineken. Lagunitas make a wide range of beers including Pils, Sour, Pale, Brown, Imperial Stout and some special beers. The website Beer Advocate lists an amazing 118 different brews from Lagunitas. Petaluma is about 60 miles north of San Francisco and is a town of 60,000 people located in an agricultural region which enjoys a Mediterranean climate.


CRAFT BEER: Nueva NEIPA en barril / Oppigårds New Sweden IPA /

CRAFT BEER: Nueva NEIPA en barril / Oppigårds New Sweden IPA /

Acabamos de pinchar a otra de las grandes: Oppigårds New Sweden IPA. Ven a probarla a nuestro local de Calle Cava Baja, 42.
Os dejamos una review de Mundo Birruno:


Si había una cervecera sueca de las grandes que aún no había pasado por el blog esa era Oppigårds, que ha entrado por la puerta grande con la New Sweden IPA de hoy. Creo que con ésta tenemos ya el panorama sueco bastante cubierto.


Los de Hedemora, ante el aluvión de cervezas New England IPA que nos están llegando, se han pegado la vacilada de bautizar su cerveza con el nombre de New Sweden IPA, al más puro thug life style.

Elaborada con los lúpulos Chinook, Mosaic, Ekuanot, Citra y Simcoe. Turbia, de color amarillento y carbonatación perfecta, sin irse de madre.


Al olfato es un festival del cítrico. Colosal. En boca la cosa es aún mejor. La sensación es como de beberse un zumo de lúpulo. Muy intensa, sedosa en paladar, con sabores que nos recuerdan al zumo de naranja, la mandarina, el pomelo, la piel de naranja y el mango. Me ha parecido deliciosa y es un gran comienzo para un idilio amorosobirruno con esta cervecera. 6,2%. La compré una noche en L’Artesanal después de cenar. La vi en la nevera, la cogí y les dije: “apuntádmela en la cuenta”. Si queréis emular mi experiencia gastrobirruna que sepáis que la han vuelto a traer y está fresquísima.

Lagunitas IPA

Lagunitas IPA

Adivina que barril tendremos en los próximos días! Barril de Lagunitas IPA. Vamos ahí!

Lagunitas IPA

Lagunitas IPA dorado y en botella


Estilo: IPA. 
País: EEUU.
ABV: 6.2 %
IBU: 51.5

Apariencia: De color ámbar y aspecto muy limpio, esta coronada por una duradera espuma blanca.
Aroma: Agradable a malta, caramelo, naranja y con algunas notas que recuerdan a pino.
Sabor: Amargor es moderado y muy buen equilibrio, encontramos cítricos, melocotón y caramelo.

Vaso recomendado: NonicShaker y Tulip.
Mi puntuación:  4,2 / 5,0

Formato: 33 cl
Precio: Ha sido un regalo.

La única vez que había probado esta cerveza fue en el brewpub de St. Andrews (Escocia) y tenía muy buen recuerdo de ella. En esta ocasión no estaba tan fresca pero ha sido una experiencia increíblemente agradable. Presenta un aspecto inmejorable: limpia, de color ámbar y con espuma blanca y consistente. En nariz se manifiestan notas derivadas de la malta como el caramelo pero también otras mas cítricas provenientes del lúpulo.  En boca el equilibrio es casi perfecto, con un amargor sutil que ira ganando presencia y muchas notas a fruta y caramelo.

Una IPA con aromas complejos y bien integrados; naranja, pino, caramelo… aporta un amargor que percibimos en la parte de atrás del paladar y que va incrementándose sin llegar a lo astringente; pasaremos de las notas a mandarina a identificar las de pomelo. Muy bien balanceada; te invita a seguir bebiendo, y deja un sabor de boca increíblemente agradable, mezcla de melocotón, cítricos y maltas caramelizadas. En la web recomiendan con hamachi kama, yo creo que con un mero o emperador a la plancha y aderezado con un poco de limón tenemos un complemento ideal para esta cerveza.

Sierra Nevada – Hop Hunter IPA

Sierra Nevada – Hop Hunter IPA

A la rica Sierra Nevada oiga! Esta semana seguimos nuestra cata pinchando un barril brutal: Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter IPA.

Mira lo que dicen los expertos:

REVIEW: Hop Hunter IPA from Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

Dogfish Head / 90-Minute IPA

Dogfish Head / 90-Minute IPA

Hoy os traemos algo bastante exclusivo, 90-Minute IPA de Dogfish Head. La tenemos fresquita en botella. Corre, no te quedes sin ella!


According to Sam Calagione, Dogfish Head’s 90-minute IPA is the brewery’s first continually-hopped beer. Also, it’s the best-selling Imperial IPA in the country “nay … the world.” It takes over a month to make, and Dogfish uses their “Me So Hoppy” dry-hopping system during conditioning. I’ve always loved Dogfish craft beer, and was excited about trying this 90-minute IPA, which was pretty much the grandfather of all their other continuously-hopped beers: 60-minute, 120-minute, and even a 75-minute version.Taylor:  Over the last month or so I have developed quite a smattering of random beers in my fridge, most of which were picked up out of state (Vermont and Missouri, specifically). Before getting through tasting and reviewing all these interesting brews, I wanted to enjoy something more familiar. Luckily, there was a single bottle of Dogfish Head 90-minute IPA in the back. Yes.

Poured into a classic Dogfish pint glass, this beer was a nice reddish-brown and developed an excellent off-white head thick with tiny bubbles. Calagione’s note that one achievement of this beer is its “pungent hop flavor” and aroma … extremely citrusy and a little piney but not overpoweringly so due to the malt backbone. The nose of this 90-minute was full of wonderful citrus aromas, as well as some nice malty sweetness. I immediately knew this was going to be deep in flavor and finish.

I was right. The continuous hopping process and malt balance make this beer a taste explosion. Dogfish have walked the line between “bitter” and “pungent” with not-so-surprising ease here. All those hops will rock your palate, but the malts will bring you back to reality. Surprise! One sip is almost like taking a sip of two different beers back to back: big hoppy front, and malty finish. ABV is 9.0% … this isn’t one to just knock back. It’s more of a sipper in my opinion.

Either way, if you enjoy IPAs, this is a must-try not only for its historical significance, but of course for its solid taste. Once again, there’s really nothing negative I can say about the 90-minute IPA. It achieves what it sets out to achieve. It’s got integrity.  Grade: A

Tom:  I prefer this beer over 60-Minute for a few reasons.  1)  With a longer boil comes with it more hops.  2)  I feel the higher abv gives it some strength, muscle and body.  3)  The malt profile carries a deep fig, apricot, plum quality.  However, based on the darker malts used, this is not my go-to imperial/double IPA.  While I do find the sweeter caramel notes to be welcomed in this beer, I prefer the use of lighter malts.  Regardless of how I feel about my IPAs, this beer is quality time over.  The color alone gave me cause to sit back and just take it in.  The nice Bourbon color beer delivers a smack of pungent and resinous hops on top of a rather boozy quality.  A moderate carbonation helps to lift the multifaceted hop profile and caramel sugars off the palate.  Herbal, dank, and floral comprised the hops.  This is definitely not as citrus as 60-minute.  The finish is dry (I would argue more so than 60) due to the higher abv.  However, a sweeter aftertaste that only has a touch of biscuit malt.  A very solid beer.  Grade: B+