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CRAFT BEER: Marz Jungle Boogie en barril

CRAFT BEER: Marz Jungle Boogie en barril

Estamos en época navideña, por fin! y os queremos sorprender con cosas nuevas y refrescantes. Cosas, como este barril de Marz Jungle Boogie, que os va a dejar alucinados!

Una pequeña review de unos amigos:

Marz Jungle Boogie

Brewed By: Marz Community Brewing Co. in Chicago, Illinois  
Purchased: 16.9oz bottle bought at West Lakeview Liquors in Chicago, IL; 2015 
Style/ABV: American Pale Wheat Ale, 5.5%

Reported IBUs: 10

The Jungle Boogie is an American Pale Wheat Ale brewed with rooibos tea. This pours into a dark red, brownish body…the head retention is impressive, and this is hazy as you’d expect with a wheat beer.


The aroma is absolutely fantastic. There is an explosion of bright Mosaic hops and huge Rooibos tea that culminates in an explosion of bright tropical fruits, berries, fresh tea, green tea, intense wheat, peaches, fresh pine, and steeped tea. It’s an incredibly vibrant and fresh aroma, and the fusion of the tea and hops is spot on.

This drinks more like a pale ale than an American Wheat Ale, but I see why they are calling it that. There’s a lot of bright tea notes and clean wheat notes, but beneath the tea and wheat is a serious punch of Mosaic hops. The hops not only drop pine and tropical fruit, but they also blast some lemon, resinous bitterness, and a little hemp oil. The tea notes also come in on the back end adding some tea-like bitterness. You get lots of green tea, and some earthy shades of medium/black tea. The tea-hop punch really works here.

This isn’t the first fusion of tea and hops, but it’s definitely the most congruent example I have had. I actually enjoy this more than the Laughing Panda Green Tea IPA, and I enjoyed that beer. This is medium-bodied with fairly flat carbonation, but it is so clean and easy to drink. Palate depth is perfect, with good depth and duration. This also unravels with a fair bit of complexity. The tea and bright Mosiac hop notes up front transition into a wheat-heavy mid, with more fruity tea/hop notes. The back end trails off with the fruit and tea, and drops some earthy green tea and lemony resin. This is dropping some peach notes as I sip on it, and it’s just incredibly refreshing. I hope this is around in the summer.

Rating: Above-Average (4.0/5.0 Untappd)
I’m feeling a StrongAbove-Average on this. I’m tempted to bump this up to a 4.5 but I really need to camp out on another bottle. As it stands, this is maybe the best hop-tea beer I have had. I would definitely recommend this, and the food pairings are endless. I would maybe pair this with a fish dish or sushi…but that’s me.

Random Thought: These Marz guys are really coming out the gates strong.
CRAFT BEER: Cloudwater DDH Pale Enigma Galaxy

CRAFT BEER: Cloudwater DDH Pale Enigma Galaxy

Pues sí!, acabamos de pinchar un birrote, nada más y nada menos que la espectacular Cloudwater DDH Pale Enigma Galaxy! Vente a probarla hoy a nuestro Pez Tortilla de Malasaña: Calle del Pez, 36, 28004 Madrid

Carta de presentación:

Another superb double dry-hopped pale ale from Manchester’s Cloudwater brewery. This juicy, hazy hop bomb is showcasing the Enigma & Galaxy hops primarily, but then backed up with some nelson Sauvin & Simcoe for additional depth and fruit character.

styles  Pale Ale and IPA Beer
brewery  Cloudwater
country  British Beer
ABV%  5.2%
Size  Canned
CRAFT BEER: Hoy vuelve un clásico, LAGUNITAS IPA en barril

CRAFT BEER: Hoy vuelve un clásico, LAGUNITAS IPA en barril

En Pez Tortilla no solo nos molan las cervezas modernas, apostamos también por grandes clásicos como la gran Lagunitas IPA. Podrás disfrutarla fresquita en nuestro Pez Tortilla de la calle Pez, 36. Os Esperamos!!

Aquí una review de unos amigos:

Lagunitas IPA Review

Beer Review: Lagunitas IPA

Lagunitas American Indian Pale Ale 6.2% abv.

This is the real thing, a genuine, full flavoured American IPA brewed in California.

The heavily hopped, US style Pale Ales are now brewed by virtually every craft brewery in the US, Britain and Europe. If you go into any bottle shop or big supermarket you will be confronted by rows and rows of “US style” IPAs. This style of beer originated in the USA with Sierra Nevada brewing the first American Pale Ale way back in 1980. What makes them unique is the use of West coast hops which impart a citrus/tropical fruit flavour to beer.

India Pale Ales originated in the UK in the early 19th Century and were exported to India. They were strong and heavily hopped to help preserve the beer on the long journey to India. US brewers sought inspiration from traditional British beers and the American IPA is now a major international style of beer in its own right.

Lagunitas pours a dark gold/amber colour and has a citrus and tropical fruit aroma. The taste is a pleasant mix of grapefruit and tropical fruit flavours. According to the Lagunitas website the beer is made with 43 different types of hops and 65 types of malt. This is a great easy drinking beer which would go down a treat on a summer’s day and will go well with spicy food.

Lagunitas Brewery was founded in the town of Lagunitas in 1993 but moved to larger premises in Petaluma, California in 1994. It is now 50% owned by the Dutch brewers, Heineken. Lagunitas make a wide range of beers including Pils, Sour, Pale, Brown, Imperial Stout and some special beers. The website Beer Advocate lists an amazing 118 different brews from Lagunitas. Petaluma is about 60 miles north of San Francisco and is a town of 60,000 people located in an agricultural region which enjoys a Mediterranean climate.


CRAFT BEER: Verdant aterrizará mañana en PEZ TORTILLA

CRAFT BEER: Verdant aterrizará mañana en PEZ TORTILLA

Verdant Brewing in Cornwall are brewing the best beers in England

‘We’re small really so it’s like being a hamster on a wheel and we’re trying to keep the quality high’

A delicious line-up of Verdant brews
A delicious line-up of Verdant brews (Image: Verdant)

A Cornish craft brewer is selling the highest-rated beers in England today based on reviews from beer drinkers.

Specialist beer ratings website Untappd acts as a TripAdvisor for beers, allowing drinkers to rate and share their favourite brews.

A list of the top 20 rated brewers, based on those with more than 10,000 reviews on the site, ranked Verdant brewery in Falmouth as the best in the country.

The brewery, which was only launched in 2014, specialises in hoppy pale ales, IPAs and double IPAs and they’re known for their eye-catching cans.

This week it was announced that the brewery has won a £20,000 investment fund from London-based wholesaler and retailer HonestBrew to expand their production capacity.

Pulp is one of Verdant's most popular beers
Pulp is one of Verdant’s most popular beers (Image: Verdant)

They’re also investing in a new canning line and are recruiting an extra brewer to enable them to more than double their brew capacity to up to 8,000 litres a week. 

CRAFT BEER: Cloudwater Brew Co

CRAFT BEER: Cloudwater Brew Co

OJO!! La próxima semana nos llega un cargamento de Cloudwater Brew Co, una de las mejores cerveceras del mundo 😉 Entre las delicias que tendremos, podréis probar:  NW DIPA EKUANOT, NW DIPA CITRA y NW DIPA GALAXY.

Para los que aún no les conocéis, os dejamos un interesante post del

Meet Cloudwater Brew Co – the Manchester brewery voted among the best in the world

Cloudwater Brew Co is the only UK brewery to ever make RateBeer’s top 10

RateBeer annually release their top 10 breweries list , and this year there was a surprising entry.

The only UK brewery ever to make the cut, Manchester’s Cloudwater Brew Co was listed at number five after just two years of trading.

It was a huge achievement for the young brewery, which took home a total of eleven awards at the ceremony including best beer in Manchester (with their DIPA v9), top 100 beers in the world (DIPA v3), and a number of mentions in the best beers by style.

The accolade signals the wider picture of a thriving independent brewing scene in Manchester. Brewers like Track, Runaway and Blackjack – to name just a few – create some astounding brews. So why is it that Cloudwater gained international attention before the rest?

Inside the Cloudwater Brew Co, Manchester (Image: Andy Lambert)

Paul Jones first opened the outfit in a small industrial estate with his small team in 2014. From the offset, Jones made no secret of his ambition.

“We’ve got a lot of examples in our short history that prove fortune favours the bold,” he says.

“We’ve certainly benefited from maintaining and building on that confidence… I think that’s one of the factors that help to make us successful.”

Paul Jones, director of Cloudwater (Image: Andy Lambert)

Their confidence didn’t go unnoticed, not least among other brewers. It’s safe to say the new kid on the block put a few noses out of joint in the tight-knit Manchester beer scene.

“I think people were quite cynical about the size of the brewery when we started,” Jones admits.

The norm in the UK – and certainly Manchester – for new breweries was largely home-brewers setting up on a small-scale professional kit, he explains.

(Image: Cloudwater Brew Co)

“I think a misconception was: we’re a bit too big for our boots.”

“[Other brewers thought] what did we think we were doing with this scale, and what were we doing as a British brewery to publicly state our ambition, how dare we.”

But that was never going to deter Jones.

Cloudwater Brew Co from the outside, in Piccadilly Trading Estate (Image: Andy Lambert)

“I think those early misconceptions came through because I think people failed to see the experience that was already built into our starting team … I think we had something like 60 or 70 years of retail experience between us.

“From our point of view, it would have been insulting for me to turn to [my staff] and say: I know you’ve been working in breweries for years, but why don’t we work on this small scale just so that we don’t offend someone miserable in Manchester.”

Their ambition inevitably flows into the beers, which Jones explains are modelled on the best breweries and beers in the world.

“We’re always looking for the best example in each style. For example we just released a helles. The best helles in the country right now is Thornbridge with Lukas. We think the best style example full stop is somewhere between Augustiner and Tegernseer.

Cloudwater’s Mittelfruh Helles (Image: Andy Lambert)

“Even though it’s preposterous for a two-year old non-German brewery to say, ‘we’re going to try and close the gap between never making helles before, and those that we classify as the best examples’, we’re still doing that.”

“It’s the confidence to say we don’t know how far we can go,” Jones continues. “why impose a limit on your ambition?”

And with such impressive accolades already under their belt, it looks like Cloudwater’s confidence is well placed.

Obsesión artesana

Obsesión artesana

Desde que abrimos Pez Tortilla, e incluso de un poquito antes,  nos ha perseguido esta obsesión por la buena cerveza artesana. Nos gusta viajar y probar nuevas y refrescantes cervezas, esta obsesión nos llevó a descubrir que no hace falta irse tan lejos para probar buen lúpulo en remojo. España, cuenta con una de las mejores cervezas artesanales del mundo pero, como no esta bien que lo digamos nosotros, os dejamos un reportaje de nuestros amigos de GQ para que os iluminen!

Si queréis venir a probarlas solo tenéis que poner rumbo a PEZ TORTILLA:

Calle del Pez, 36, 28004 Madrid
Calle Cava Baja, 42



Las microcervecerías españolas que ya son un valor seguro

  •  Estas microbreweries españolas se han ganado el reconocimiento nacional e internacional.

  •  Te prometemos que nunca te equivocarás si te pides una de sus creaciones.

En España hay ahora mismo más de 750 microcervecerías registradas que producen alrededor de 4.000 cervezas artesanas al año, según datos de Birrapedia. Es, con diferencia, uno de los sectores que más ha crecido durante los años de la crisis y ahora alcanza tal volumen de producción (en torno a 100.000 hectolitros) que resulta imposible seguir el rastro a todas las novedades. Todavía estamos lejos de las más de 5.200 que hay ahora mismo en EE UU (¡en 2012 existían menos de la mitad!), pero sí tenemos las bastantes para perdernos entre tanta oferta. 

Este boom también ha llevado a que se creen premios como los Domus o los Beer Bloggers para reconocer lo mejor de la industria nacional de craft beer. Basándonos en ellos y en nuestro criterio, y para hacerte la vida más fácil cada vez que visites una tienda especializada o vayas a ese garito con 15 cervezas artesanas on tap, te decimos cuáles son las microcervecerías españolas que ya se han convertido en un valor seguro.


La Quince

La Quince nació en Madrid en 2013 de la mano de los primos Jacobo y Juan Lliso como una cervecera nómada, es decir, una que, en lugar de tener una sede oficial y única, colabora con otras para producir sus recetas a partir de “cervezas prototipo”. Su filosofía es la Brew Wild, que se basa en exprimir al máximo las maltas, lúpulos y levaduras buscando sabores y aromas extremos. En 2015 se llevaron el premio de los Beer Bloggers a la mejor cerveza de España con Vanilla Black Velvet, una Russian Imperial Stout con aromas y sabores a chocolate y vainilla de Madagascar. Esta es una edición limitada, pero entre las estándares destacan la Llipa!, una American IPA muy cítrica y frutal que combina genial con muchos tipos de comidas y que se hizo con la medalla de oro en la Feria de Cerveza Artesana de Madrid. Sus trabajadas etiquetas, como la que se ve en la imagen superior, también son dignas de colección. Aquí tienes una lista de los muchos bares y tiendas de toda España donde puedes encontrar sus creaciones, pero, por recomendarte uno de sus templos, te animamos a ir a Baden Baden (C/ German Pérez Carrasco nº51, Madrid), donde suelen tener muchas de sus variedades en grifo.



Estos navarros llevan haciendo las cosas muy bien y granjeándose un gran nombre desde 2009. Tanto que hasta Evil Twin, una de las mejores cerveceras nómadas del mundo, ha querido colaborar con ellos. Fabrican cervezas de todo tipo, pero destacan sus Imperial Porter, Stout y Barley Wine, aptas para el envejecimiento y para comprobar como su sabor evoluciona con el tiempo.Entre estas últimas destaca la serie Avant-Garde, envejecida en barricas de oloroso, brandy o vino durante 15, 18, 20 0 24 meses. Todo el mundo se ha rendido a ella.



Es el vástago de Andrew Dougall, un londinense que, después de perder un barco en Santander, decidió instalarse en la cercana Liérganes y fundar una cervecera con su apellido en 2006. Su cerveza más célebre es la 942, una American Pale Ale que no tiene absolutamente nada que envidiar a lo que se hace al otro lado del Atlántico. Se coló en el cuadro de honor de Ratebeer, el ranking cervecero. más reputado del mundo.


La Pirata

La cerveza de estos catalanes de Suria llega ya a Italia, Francia, Suiza, Bélgica, Holanda, Gran Bretaña, Dinamarca, Suecia, Rusia, China… y sigue contando. Se han llevado dos medallas de bronce en los Global Craft Beer Awards con sus creaciones que ellos mismos califican como “incendiarias”. Su Imperial Stout Black Block envejecida en barrica de bourbon te cambia el concepto de lo que es una cerveza. Y la frescura de la Lulupulus es perfecta para que empieces desde ya a combatir los calores veraniegos.

Buena craft beer!


CRAFT BEER: Nueva NEIPA en barril / Oppigårds New Sweden IPA /

CRAFT BEER: Nueva NEIPA en barril / Oppigårds New Sweden IPA /

Acabamos de pinchar a otra de las grandes: Oppigårds New Sweden IPA. Ven a probarla a nuestro local de Calle Cava Baja, 42.
Os dejamos una review de Mundo Birruno:


Si había una cervecera sueca de las grandes que aún no había pasado por el blog esa era Oppigårds, que ha entrado por la puerta grande con la New Sweden IPA de hoy. Creo que con ésta tenemos ya el panorama sueco bastante cubierto.


Los de Hedemora, ante el aluvión de cervezas New England IPA que nos están llegando, se han pegado la vacilada de bautizar su cerveza con el nombre de New Sweden IPA, al más puro thug life style.

Elaborada con los lúpulos Chinook, Mosaic, Ekuanot, Citra y Simcoe. Turbia, de color amarillento y carbonatación perfecta, sin irse de madre.


Al olfato es un festival del cítrico. Colosal. En boca la cosa es aún mejor. La sensación es como de beberse un zumo de lúpulo. Muy intensa, sedosa en paladar, con sabores que nos recuerdan al zumo de naranja, la mandarina, el pomelo, la piel de naranja y el mango. Me ha parecido deliciosa y es un gran comienzo para un idilio amorosobirruno con esta cervecera. 6,2%. La compré una noche en L’Artesanal después de cenar. La vi en la nevera, la cogí y les dije: “apuntádmela en la cuenta”. Si queréis emular mi experiencia gastrobirruna que sepáis que la han vuelto a traer y está fresquísima.

CRAFT BEER: Tree House Beer Company Julius

CRAFT BEER: Tree House Beer Company Julius

Queremos celebrar el cervezón que tuvimos a la venta en nuestro Pez Tortilla de La Latina estas semanas, con una review muy buena de nuestros amigos de :

Tree House Beer Company Julius

Print Shelf Talker


What the brewers say

“Bursting with pungent American hops, Julius is bright and juicy, filled with flavors and aromas of mango, peach, passion fruit, and a mélange of citrus juice. It has a soft, pillowy mouthfeel and rounded bitterness.”

What our panel thought

Aroma: “Peaches, oranges, mango, passion fruit, tangerine, grapefruit, and even a touch of pine—it’s a punch in the nose with a fruit cart. I think I consumed a serving of fruit just through the aroma.”

Flavor: “Peach and pine carry through from the aroma and are augmented by some dank-ish notes. Some moderate malt sweetness is there, but the emphasis remains ever on the hops goodness. Pleasant bitterness backs up the ensemble and delivers its own tangerine-like notes as it washes down the throat.”

Overall: “A big citrus/tropical fruit bomb with enough malt sweetness to temper the bitterness. A beautiful IPA, both visually and on the palate. I can almost picture someone cramming hops into the bottle or can. A wonderful use of hops that doesn’t try to get too fancy with anything else and just delivers an amazing hops-forward beer.”


CRAFT BEER: Galaxy Dry Hopped Fort Point Pale Ale!

CRAFT BEER: Galaxy Dry Hopped Fort Point Pale Ale!

Hace unos días nos hemos hecho con unas cuantas latas de Galaxy Dry Hopped Fort Point Pale Ale y su “prima” la Double Dry Hopped Fort Point de Trillium Brewing, una joya de craft beer!. Para que os hagáis una idea de la maravilla de cerveza que es, os dejamos una review de nuestros amigos de –> Ven a probarla al PEZ TORTILLA de la C/ Cava Baja, 42 – 28005 Madrid

January 15, 2017
Over the past couple of years, New England has propelled itself into the upper echelon of the craft beer world. This surge is due in large part to a specific style of beer, the India Pale Ale. In fact, the phrase “New England-style IPA” has become synonymous with unfiltered, hazy beers that assault the palate with fruitful, tropical, and juicy flavors. This style of beer has turned a nation of casual beer drinks into fervent and zealous hop-heads, eagerly anticipating the next big New England IPA to hit the market, the way Apple groupies wait for each iteration of the iPhone.

One could make the case that this all started with the Alchemist’s Heady Topper DIPA, but I would make the case that two breweries in particular really put this style of beer on the radar of American beer drinkers, Tree House and Trillium.

Located in a neighborhood of South Boston from which the titular beer takes its name, Fort Point, it is the city slicker to Tree House’s country kid. Trillium Brewing Company was founded back in March of 2013 by the husband and wife duo, JC and Esther Tetreault. The beers brewed at Trillium represent a feeling of love and passion the Tetreault’s have for their community, which is apparent in the quality of their offerings as well as the names they give to their beers. So many of their beers are named after actual streets or places in the city of Boston, paying homage to the support the community has give to the Trillium Brewery. Most would agree: it sure is easy to support a local brewery when they are putting out spectacular beers like their Galaxy Dry Hopped Fort Point Pale Ale.
Trillium’s pale ale has several different varieties including regular Fort Point Pale Ale, Double Dry Hopped Fort Point, Mosaic Dry Hopped Fort Point, etc. Their Galaxy Dry Hopped Fort Point Pale Ale (which will hereby be referred to as GDH FPPA) is a version of their base Fort Point Pale Ale that is dry hopped with Galaxy. Dry hopping is the equivalent of Emeril Lagasse taking a bit of a spice and doing the whole “BAM!” bit. It’s a extra dose of what gives the beer its fruity and tropical flavor thrown in towards the end of the brewing process.

GDH FPPA, per Trillium’s website, comes in at 6.6% ABV, uses American 2-row Barley, White Wheat, C-15, Dextrine malts, and contains Galaxy and Columbus hops. If that doesn’t mean anything to you, then I don’t what to tell ya.

Anyway, this beer comes in 16 fl oz. cans which was a recent change from the massive bottles the beer used to come in. This has been a welcomed change by many (me) as they are now more conducive to taking into the shower and packing into your golf bag. Pouring the beer into their arch rival Tree House’s glass results in a series of chemically-induced flashes of eternal hellfi… a completely opaque, deep orange looking beer. It’s like grapefruit juice in the glass. There is about half a finger of head on the pour as well. You care about this for some reason.

The aromatics of GDH FPPA are Jamba Juice in nature. There is a lot of orange, mango, and pineapple scents tickling the nostrils. When you’re recreating this tasting with guests or a loved one, just say things like “tropical aromas” and “emitting from the glass” and “why are you leaving so soon?”.

All kidding aside, this is, in my opinion, the best pale ale I’ve ever had. The beer is perfect. It is full bodied, even for a pale ale, and has a smooth, creamy mouthfeel. To the casual beer drinker (or any beer drinker who was just handed a glass of this), it feels like an IPA. Melodic notes of mango and other citrus flavors excite the taste buds. Basically, it tastes like it smells: FREAKING DELISH! The finish is dry, but it leaves you with a quick, hoppy, herbaceous bon voyage, like a kiss from a loved one as they embark on an open-ended journey, reminding you of what will make the wait worth it. Trillium’s GDH FPPA is simply one of the best. It’s the type of beer you share with friends in order to suck them into craft beer fandom.